Five Nights at Freddy's 1.85

Experience the terror of creepy animatronics come to life in this suspenseful mobile horror game

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    Android 3.0 / Android 4.1.2 / Android 4.1 / Android 4.1.1 / Android 3.1 / Android 2.3 / Android 4.2.2 / Android 4.3 / Android 3.3 / Android 3.2 / Android 4.2 / Android 4.0 / Android 4.2.1

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    8.1 (43)

This can be a disturbing game in a comical way where you have to survive the night in a dark building.

You have a new job at a pizza restaurant over the summer. It seems normal, but when you get to monitoring the cameras, you'll see just how odd the nights can be at times. Freddy is a robot bear that only has to make sure the customers of the pizza restaurant where you work are happy. Freddy and the other robots haven't quite been like they normally are as of late, so you have to watch them to see if there is anything going on when the business is closed. This is when the game gets a bit creepy. The atmosphere is dark with very little light to see what's going on in the security room and other parts of the building.

You have to use the small amount of energy that you have at night sparingly, which means that you can only focus on certain areas that need your attention. At times, the robots and other items won't be in their right places. You have to find out where they are on the cameras. There are some situations where you will need to find a weapon to protect yourself with as the robots can get a tad on the violent side. The placement and the overall design of the robots and other characters makes this game chilling as you think they are simple toys, but they really have possessing eyes and powerful minds.


  • Fun frights
  • Challenging adventures
  • Highly addictive


  • Can be too dark to see at times
  • Kicks back to the home screen during the game

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